Small Pets




Small Animals

IGuineas2ts not always easy to get someone to look after your small pets - here at Poppy’s we are happy to look after your pet - either in our homes or we’ll visit, feed and clean your pet as you wish. We’ve had rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, stick insects and fish ourselves - so we know all about them. We can clean out the cages, feed them and take your instructions on any other care required.

We can pick your pet up - to be looked after in our home, or  you can drop them off, or we can visit on a daily basis (or as often as required)

Costs :

    Looking after an animal in a Poppy’s PetCare home, or at your home- 8.50/day

    Contact us for more details - 01590 681511, Mobile 07801 718136


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