Questions our customers ask

Which area do you cover ?

Normally the South New Forest from Bournemouth/Christchurch across to Southampton and up to Ringwood. For dog sitting and for looking after small animals we are happy to take from a much wider area if the owners can drop their pet with its carer. It is dependant on the availability of our pet carers and to a certain extent the location of other customers. Just Ask !

Are you insured ?

Yes, through Petplan Sanctuary. You must take responsibility for the normal costs you would incur such as veterinary bills but our insurance covers Public Liability and Third Party Risks to 3 million and special cover for pets in our care and custodial cover for your pet. Ask if you need more details.

How many dogs do you walk or board at once?

We’ll only ever let any walker take a maximum of 3 dogs, we don’t generally board more than one dog at a time - sometimes two dependent on our view of their characters ! If your pet is highly strung or has trouble socialising please let us know !

Will you undertake special services for pets ?

Yes of course! Just Ask

Are there animals you won’t look after ?

Well we won’t care for any animals when we don’t feel able to provide the level of care and support which the owners would expect. This may be related to specialist pets or where animals need a particular amount of attention..

We can’t walk or look after Bitches in heat or uncastrated males over 9 months old as the responsibility is too great.

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