Dog Walking




Dog Walking

DogOnLeadAre you at work all day, going on holiday, into hospital, whatever the problem we at Poppy’s are here to help. Let us take your dog for a walk on a regular or occasional basis, daily, weekdays only, weekends only, or just when you’re out for the day.

You dog(s) will be collected from your home and walked locally – where possible we’ll take them into the open countryside for a run. We’ll walk your dog up to twice a day for an hour at a time, normally day time but we can also help in the evenings. A well exercised dog enjoys a longer healthier life.

Availability - ask us if we can help. We span an area from Totton to Bournemouth and North to Ringwood, availability depends on your needs and other clients and our dog walkers but we’ll be delighted to find a way to work with you.

Sorry but we can’t walk or look after Bitches in season or uncastrated males over 9 months old as the responsibility is too great.

Costs :

    Dog Walking - 10.00/hour, depends on location, regularity and duration.

    Contact us for more details - 01590 681511, Mobile 07801 718136


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