Cat Visiting




Cat Visiting

CatOutAs cheap as a Cattery, no stress to your pet !

Going on holiday? But the cat doesn’t want to! So who do you get to look after her? We all know that going to a cattery can be very stressful for a cat and its worried owners. Here at Poppy’s we are able to visit your cats in their homes, look after them and ensure that they enjoy themselves whilst you do !

Daily (or twice daily if you wish) visits to your home to care for them. Feed them. Make a fuss of them. Oh and also clean the litter trays as necessary. Oh and within reason the price stays the same regardless of the number of cats (unlike a Cattery !).

Also whilst we’re there we can pick up the post, water the plants, open/close curtains and turn on/off lights giving your home that occupied look.

Costs :

    Daily visit to cat - 8.50 per visit.

    Contact us for more details - 01590 681511, Mobile 07801 811252



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